Q: How do I take care of my Stove Top Covers?

A: When cooking, make sure they are completely taken off the stove so they will not burn. To clean them, take a damp towel and wipe them down. DO NOT put in Dishwasher.


Q: What type of material do you use on the glass items?

A: Either armor etch for the etching items and permanent vinyl.


Q: How do I wash the customized apparel?

A: Wash inside out with cold water or handwash. Dry on low heat and do not iron, unless you put a piece of printer paper on top of heat transfer vinyl. 


Q: How do I was custom cups?

A: If it it's etched you can wash in dishwasher. If it has vinyl on it, handwash but do not scrub abrasively.


Q: Will my resin items melt?

A:No,I use pure resin so it will not melt.


Q: What do I do if I want something made that is not on your website?

A: Go to the Contact Us page and send an email.


Q: What is your travel fee for party decor such as balloons and set up?

A: It depends on the location and what all you would like for the event. For all party/event decor call 919-904-5249 for the fastest response.


Q: What is the latest we can place a T-shirt order over 50?

A: We will need about a week and a half to fully process your order.